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Elevate your Customer Experience
to the next level

Automatically generate QR codes for
instant Payment via your Banking App

Upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Invoicing Documents to a modern standard

Do you want to elevate your customers satisfaction in one of the easiest possible ways? Since everyone knows the distress it causes to manually fill payment information from e.g. an invoice, QR payment by Simova is here to eliminate that need completely.
QR Payment by Simova seamlessly integrates into Business Central, enabling you to print a QR Code on an Invoice. On the end customers side, that QR Code can then be scanned via the Banking App on their phone – Immediately filling all Banking information for the quickest possible payment.



The advantages of QR Payment

  • Data is temporary

  • No need for filling of information the manual way

  • Typing errors of customers are prevented

  • Eliminate lengthy investigation of unassignable payments due to incomplete reference details

  • Simple implementation

  • Easy and faster payment for endcustomers

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Works with all online banking apps


Integrate the Payment QR Code how you need it!

Simply just sticking the QR code on to the report isn’t enough for us.

We also make it look good, tailored to your choice!
When it comes to the data being filled, QR Payment by Simova also avoids that you need to fill in the data in your system manually. Simply select the fields in your system with the necessary information and you are good to go. You want a special type of designated/purpose of use?

Just select the desired fields that are supposed to be used as an information – This can even differentiate per document type.

Why do you definitely need QR Payment by Simova?

No other Apps makes the QR code integration for your invoice documents this easy. Find it out for yourself!

Increase your customer satisfaction

Your end customers can say goodbye to the hassle of traditional invoice payment. QR Payment by Simova revolutionizes the customer experience, enabling a swift and secure payment process directly from the scanned QR Code. This will not only spare questions from your customers on your side, but it will enhance your overall brand perception and loyalty.


Own data selection

Choose your style

Distinction between document types

Using QR Payment by Simova, you are not limited what data should be passed as payment information. Simply choose your own data from the system, such as multiple fields for your type of designated/purpose of use.

You want to decide how you QR code looks? Should it say “Scan me” or something else? You decide

Different Document Types might need QR codes. Feel free to also integrate QR codes for reminders or purchase credit memos!

Don’t let your customers suffer during payment

Is your ERP system compatible with our extension?


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We are happy to help!

Your data will be saved electronically and will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties .

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