Connector Apps 

The connecting pieces between the Simova apps ifself and also to 3rd party solutions.

Connector apps are small extensions that enable Simova solutions to exchange data, documents and information with each other or with other systems.


Connector apps for Simova products

In order to ensure the smooth exchange of data between our Simova products, we have created so-called connector apps. These are simply installed in addition to the regular extensions and regulate the exchange of information.

Standard connection to third-party industry leading software

Not only do we offer Connector Apps between our own solutions - we also integrate with third party solutions that are industry-leading in their areas.

Connector Apps to Document Capture by Continia

Document Central to DC - Archive incoming invoices processed by Document Capture automatically in an audit-proof storage.

Flow Path to DC - Enhance the approval workflows in Document Capture with related questions, tasks and information.

Connector Apps to vertical solutions

tegossuite - Together with tegos GmbH we developed several Connector Apps for Document Central, Document Dispatch, Business Portals and Phone Connect to the industry solution tegossuite.

BE-project - In cooperation with BE-terna we developed a standard connection to the industry solution BE-project for Document Dispatch.

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