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EDS - Electronic Delivery Solution for Business Central

EDS - secure sending of electronic documents

Define dynamically what is sent to whom, when and how

Every company sends a large number of invoices and other business documents by traditional post every day. Despite the arrival of digitization in many business areas, the dispatch of documents is still stuck in old structures.

On the way to the digital future, business documents should also be sent digitally, also because of the high costs for postage and material - with EDS, the Simova Extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central-based ERP systems.

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EDS offers these advantages

  • Significant cost savings by dispensing with postage and materials

  • Electronic invoice data exchange through ZUGFeRD & XRechnung connection

  • Fast return on investment thanks to short implementation times

  • No loss of personal customer contact thanks to personalized emails

  • Ease of use and configuration of the extension directly from Business Central

  • Uniform layout and professional appearance

  • Accelerated order processing by automating work steps

  • Future security through further standard formats

  • Individual adaptation of recipient information - only send relevant information

  • Increased transparency through the possible integration into our DMS solution


Easy integration and application

The EDS solution is integrated as a fact box in Business Central. This can be used to send a document directly from the Business Central system. In addition, the desired shipping information is displayed for each receipt. The overview is never lost, as all shipping information is recorded uniformly in the system.

Different output types

Most companies send traditional mail via email. However, this is not the only EDS shipping method

Rather, other output types such as FTP, file storage or web service transfers can be carried out.

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Future security through configurable attachments and standard formats

Electronic invoice data exchange possible through ZUGFeRD & XRechnung connection. The EDS solution can not only send PDF attachments, reports from Business Central can also be added as Word or Excel via configuration for sending. In addition, attachments can be added from the file system or directly from the DMS by Simova solution.
If XML ports are required, they can simply be attached as an object type from Business Central. This broad spectrum enables many possibilities to deliver the desired file / document form to the recipient.


Send documents directly from Business Central - you define what and to whom.

Manual or automatic dispatch

If the dispatch is to take place fully automatically, this can also be achieved with the EDS by Simova solution.

Whether when changing or booking a document (e.g. sending the order confirmation after the change from an offer), the EDS is integrated in the process and sends the necessary documents automatically

The process can take place completely in the background, which means that internal resources can focus on topics other than sending documents

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Templates for sending e-mails

Customizable e-mail templates are available for sending e-mails. If the documents are to be sent by e-mail, personalized e-mail templates can be set up directly in Business Central. These contain freely configurable placeholders that are filled directly from the system. If, for example, the customer name, the invoice number and the due date are to be specified when the invoice is sent, this can simply be added to the template. The information is filled in automatically and directly from Business Central when sending.

Send documents from the DMS automatically and based on rules

Use our EDS solution to automatically send documents from the Document Management System (DMS) easily and conveniently based on definable rules.


The Simova extension "DMS to EDS" enables you to send documents directly from the DMS solution integrated in Business Central.

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Is your ERP system compatible with our solutions?

Our solutions are available for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. More information about compatibility can be found here.


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