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Accelerate the distribution of information and tasks 

DVS - Digital Verification Solution for Business Central

DVS - Electronic information & task distribution

Never lose track of questions, information and tasks with DVS workflow management

The distribution of business-related information, questions and tasks takes place very differently in every company. Every employee has his own method of passing this on. These are passed on from one employee to another by phone, while the other prefers to use email or a messenger service. In order to standardize internal communication for process-relevant questions, information or tasks, Simova has created an option with DVS to process all of these processes directly in the Business Central interface. 



This is what sets DVS apart

  • Cost and time savings through electronic forwarding

  • increase of productivity

  • Another step into the paperless office

  • Securing work processes

  • Fast exchange of information between employees

  • Quick responsiveness and ability to provide information

  • Information from employees regardless of time or place

  • Archiving and constant traceability across all processes

  • Always up-to-date information about the current status


Create catalogs and templates

Frequently occurring questions and tasks for certain areas can be saved in a catalog. Individual questions or tasks from this catalog can be reused in the following processes. Catalog questions and tasks can be summarized in a template and asked as a complete package in the process. 

Simple approval workflows

If the creator of tasks or questions receives feedback on these, he can approve or accept the results or answers. If the feedback is rejected, the recipient is informed and the question or task is presented to him for further processing. 

Status history for all entries distributed via DVS

A status history is kept of all questions, information and tasks distributed in the system. This shows transparently and comprehensibly for everyone involved who recorded what on the relevant processes and when. This means that all competencies and responsibilities are always visible.

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Create, edit & manage questions, information and tasks for work processes directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Email notifications

Parallel to the notifications in Business Central, the recipients of questions, tasks or information are also informed by email about open processes in DVS.This also ensures that people who do not work in Business Central on a daily basis are always up to date and assigned to them Do processes.

Mark questions, tasks and information as critical

If questions, tasks or information are marked as critical, the creator expects an answer and acknowledgment before the process can continue. Processes such as the release of orders or booking can thus be prevented until all critical entries have been processed by the recipient. 

Cross-process continuation
of questions, information and tasks

Open and closed questions, tasks or information can be included when booking processes. Questions that were answered in the offer, for example, are drawn along the document life cycle and also displayed in the newly created order. 

Is your ERP system compatible with our extensions?

Our solutions are available for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central versions. New functions are only developed and implemented on the latest three versions. You can find out which versions these are in detail here:

DVS in action - view the latest webcast recording

We regularly hold webcasts to show you the possibilities of our solutions. Here you will always find the latest recording of our live webcasts about the standard processes of DVS.

Would you like to take part in a live webcast yourself? Check out our upcoming events on.


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