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DPS - Data Publishing Solution for Business Central

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DPS - Provision of data via a web portal for customers & business partners

Convenient access to data anytime, anywhere

In times when working models are becoming more flexible and more and more people are working remotely, fast access to information and data anytime and anywhere is a must.

A digital portal is the ideal way to provide customers and business partners with selected information and documents online at any time. The data is provided directly from your Dynamics 365 Business Central system, which means that no duplicate data storage is required.

A DPS portal can significantly reduce the service effort of the employees and give them more time for more important tasks.



All benefits at a glance

  • Ideal connection of customers & business partners to selected data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Uniform workspace through configuration directly from Business Central

  • Increased transparency and improved information exchange

  • Greater flexibility thanks to location- and time-independent access to all relevant business data and processes

  • Adaptable and expandable to individual requirements and areas of responsibility

  • Feedback of data and information in real time

  • Fast return on investment

  • Maximum security for your data


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Portal web hosting in Azure

A portal is generated directly in the Business Central interface. The portal front end is hosted in Azure and only requires an active Azure subscription. Installation steps are fully automated and after just a few clicks, the portal is up and running with a rudimentary setup.

Configuration of the web front end for the web portal directly in Business Central

Styling, data and languages ​​can easily be configured in the DPS module. This means that a simple data view and a complete process can be configured individually in a web portal.

Presentation of the content on several levels

Users can navigate intuitively through the web portal through a simple three-level display. Beginning in a dashboard, you descend into a list view, where individual data records can be opened in a detailed view. The detailed view can be suppressed by configuration so that the benefits can be shown in a pure list view. The list view can be displayed in different ways (table, tab, etc.).

Different presentation of data

Data that is to be published in the web portal has different display options. A tabular display form or a tab from Business Central can be configured.

Elements can be displayed on the dashboard as a tile, KPI, calendar, download area and other options. Grouping of elements on the dashboard is possible. Images can be inserted as background or slider. The integration of HTML frames into the dashboard is also possible. All of these customizations are done from within Business Central. Know-how for website development is not necessary. 

DPS app for mobile devices - also as a white label with your branding

With the DPS app in the Apple App Store and in the Android Playstore, we provide DPS by Simova users with a free option to conveniently access the corresponding DPS portal via an app.  

If desired, the DPS app can also be provided with a white label. Thus, the app appears in the desired branding. The app is also offered for download under its own name in the marketplaces. This saves you having to develop your own app and you can fall back on working technology.



Thanks to DPS, your customers always have access to crucial information

Multi-language support

Texts and field names can be configured independently in Business Central for the web portal in several languages. The language can be changed by the user in the web portal. In addition, the e-mail templates for notifications can also be stored in several languages. Important: The data from the Business Central database that is to be displayed in the web portal is only displayed in the language entered. If, for example, article names are maintained in German, the description for the specific article is only displayed in German.

Integrated registration process & automatic notifications

Customers and suppliers can easily register for access via a registration process. The registration process is additionally secured by automatic e-mail notification, such as e-mail address confirmation. 

If orders or inquiries are made by users, the system automatically sends predefined email notifications. 

Standard integration into the DMS by Simova solution

Transfer documents directly from the Document Management System (DMS) to Business Cental and make the data available in the DPS web portal.


With the Simova extension "DMS to DPS"   we have created an interface between the two extensions that enables smooth data transfer.

Is your ERP system compatible with our extensions?

Our solutions are available for all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central versions. New functions are only developed and implemented on the latest three versions. You can find out which versions these are in detail here:

DPS in action - view the latest webcast recording

We regularly hold webcasts to show you the possibilities of our solutions. Here you will always find the latest recording of our live webcasts about the standard processes of DPS.

Would you like to take part in a live webcast yourself? Check out our upcoming events .


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