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Manage training reports easily and transparently digitally

TVS - Trainee Verification Solution for Business Central

TVS - manage training reports directly in Business Central

Put an end to the paper chaos!

Training reports are an important part of the training for every trainee. The simple and uncomplicated management of these reports is all the more important. With TVS by Simova, these training certificates can now be recorded, managed and approved directly in Business Central, without the great organizational effort involved.



The advantages of TVS

  • History of all status changes that were made for the training certificate, including the possibility to write a comment for each status change

  • Automatic creation of training certificates for each trainee

  • Possibility to create a so-called "approver" for the respective department who checks and approves the training certificates

  • Trainee / Approver signature is automatically added

  • Role center to display the status of all assigned training certificates and enable quick and easy processing of training certificates

  • E-mail notifications informing about training certificates to be approved and about overdue / revised training certificates.

  • Simply add new employees via Excel import.


Record and check training certificates directly in Business Central

With TVS by Simova, training reports can be recorded and managed directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You define so-called approvers for the training certificates, who check and approve them. This is another step towards a paperless office and the reports are not stored in a confusing Explorer structure.

Overview of all training certificates directly on the role center

The role center gives you an overview of the status of all training certificates to which you are assigned and enables you to process the training certificates quickly and easily. This means that both the trainee and the training manager are always up to date.

Email notifications about new training certificates and pending approvals

Automatic email notifications are sent to the trainees / instructors / approvers about certificates that are to be approved and about certificates that are overdue / to be revised.

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Transparent recording, overview and approval of training reports directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Is your ERP system compatible with our extensions?

Our solutions are available for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. More information about compatibility can be found here.


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