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The developer tool for more transparency

SCM - Source Code Management

SCM - The tool for versioning and documentation

The convenient overview of system adaptations

Updating the software solution used in the company is one of the daily tasks of a developer. In order to keep track of the adjustments in the system, we have developed SCM, a pure developer tool.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On automatically stores a history of all changes in the Microsoft TFS Server and thus makes it possible to visualize complete adjustments in objects and projects for the user.

In addition, it allows multiple users to edit objects at the same time - the accidental overwriting of changes made by another developer is a thing of the past


With SCM, developers get a visualization of all system adaptations



All advantages at a glance

  • Versioning and historical documentation of data

  • Parallel development of several users on the same objects

  • Central data storage without connection to a server (hosted SCM)

  • Simplified comparison of objects

  • Increased professionalism through parallel development and release planning


current Version: Version 4.0

4.1.0 (2018-04-24)

  • NEW: TFS Updater with Information in the NavisionGrid Header.

  • NEW: NAV Object Text Updater with Information in NavisionGrid Header.

  • NEW: NAV object update process uses the SQL timestamp and not date and time of the object.

  • ...


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