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ZUGFeRD & XRechnung now available for EDS

Aktualisiert: 1. Dez 2020

Send invoices automatically in standard format - directly from Business Central or NAV

The high number of requests for this format and the importance of the subject matter to many of our customers and prospects has put the development of the ZUGFeRD link to our EDS solution at Simova at the top of the list of priorities. After several litres of coffee and a lot of hard work, the connection of ZUGFeRD to our electronic dispatch solution is finally available.

With the XSD module (XML Scheme Definition) for our EDS solution, you can now send invoices automatically in the standard ZUGFeRD and XRechnung formats. In addition to various other dispatch types and formats, the EDS solution (Electronic Delivery Solution) now offers you the possibility to send invoices in the internationally recognised and increasingly used standard format ZUGFeRD. The definitions for ZUGFeRD and XRechnung are already included as a template in the module.

After an update to the latest version of EDS, ZUGFeRD & XRechnung provides the user with two additional dispatch methods for the documents in the selection list.

In addition, so-called "Included Notes" can be added to the invoice in ZUGFeRD format. You can specify the additional information to be included in the invoice directly in the setup of the ZUGFeRD connection of EDS. The Included Notes can be adapted and configured differently for each vendor - without programming effort and directly in the Business Central or NAV interface.

What exactly is ZUGFeRD?

ZUGFeRD is a cross-industry data format for electronic invoice data exchange that was developed by the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD) - with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. [1]

If you would also like to send invoices in ZUGFeRD format directly from Business Central - manually or automatically - then contact us and we will discuss an update to the current EDS version together.

[1] https://www.ferd-net.de/standards/what-is-zugferd/index.html (Date: 9.11.2020)

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