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Simova at Directions EMEA 2022 - Experience Report

Aktualisiert: 22. Nov. 2022

Three or four highly interesting and successful days in Hamburg are behind us. What did we experience? What experiences can we report on? What has changed compared to Directions 2021?

Many questions, we give the answers! - Of course subjective, because the experience can be different for each participant, sponsor or speaker.

Day 1:

Let's start at the beginning. Directions EMEA is coming up, in Hamburg, in Germany. Cool. We don't have any stress with flight delays, security delays or anything like that. We can arrive by car and take all our goodies there ourselves.

At this point, a brief review of Directions EMEA 2021 in Milan, for which our giveaways arrive three days late on the last day of the event, as they were in the distribution center of the Italian postal service for five days. Uncool.

So we split up into the cars and set off. No traffic jams, no delays, everything goes as planned.

After a short visit to the hotel room, we head straight to the exhibition center to set up our stand and take part in the sponsor meet-up. It is already clear that Directions this year will again take on different dimensions than in the previous pandemic year. After the first networking talks with existing partners, it's off to the first dinner with Simova's trade fair crew.

After a long day of travel, it's finally off to bed.

Day 2:

The first real day of the trade fair starts and we hold the first important and promising talks with existing and potential partners. Our assessment that it will be significantly different than in Milan is confirmed.

After a successful day we go to the partner dinner with the tegosgroup. At this point again a big thank you to our managing director Andreas Kullmann for the organization.

Day 3:

The event day is similarly successful, with interesting sessions on various topics and great conversations at our booth. In the evening, a highlight is on the agenda, the Community Party. Here we can let go of the stress of the trade fair and talk to colleagues and partners on a completely different level than at the booth or in our daily work.

Day 4:

With a slight sleep deficit, we head into the third and last official day of the trade show. The sessions are reserved exclusively for trend-setting Microsoft content. Very interesting. In these sessions, you get a very good insight into where the journey in the Microsoft ERP cosmos will go.

Around noon, the two winners of the Simova Directions EMEA 2022 GIVEAWAY were selected.

We congratulate Johan Niedomysl from NAB Solutions AB and Manal Haimour from neusta portal services on their new headsets! Ms. Haimour picked up her headset directly on site, Mr. Niedomysl will receive his headset by mail to Sweden.

After four days in Hamburg, we headed back towards Dortmund at the end of the last session.


After slight concerns in Milan about the future of the fair in terms of visitor numbers, organization and general development, Directions EMEA 2022 shows why this fair is the most important event for Microsoft partners from the Business Central environment. With almost 3000 visitors, an impressive location and an otherwise all-around good organization, we liked Directions EMEA Hamburg very much.

We are looking forward to being part of Directions EMEA 2023 in Lyon next year as well and would like to make it as successful as this year.

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