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Microsoft transforms its solutions into the new world or the cloud to make services available anytime, anywhere. This also includes ERP solutions around Business Central (BC), and is also accompanied by a shift from add-ons to extensions. These extensions focus on more standardisation instead of individualisation. On the one hand this should reduce the implementation effort and save time during installation. Users who have decided to extend their Business Central solution can thus use the new functions more quickly.

Cloud services offer the possibility of being accessible from anywhere, whether you are on a business trip, at the customer's premises or in your home office. Concerns about cloud security have been around forever. While these were partly appropriate in the early days of cloud storage, information technology has evolved significantly and cloud data security, especially from large providers such as Microsoft, is considered by experts to be very secure. Data is protected by SSL encryption when uploaded and Microsoft uses 256bit AES encryption on the server.

As a close Microsoft partner and developer for Microsoft software extensions, Simova has also committed itself to this course and is working energetically on the further development of extensions for Business Central. All Simova solutions are already available as extensions for BC, but also as add-ons for Dynamics NAV.

New features will only be developed for Business Central Extensions (BC130 - BC170) and the NAV versions from 2016 onwards (NAV 2016, 2017 & 2018) and implemented in our products. The support for our solutions is also based on the life cycle of Microsoft solutions. For more information on the life cycles at Microsoft and the supported versions, please visit https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/lifecycle/products/. To be able to use the new features, we recommend an update to current versions.

If you have any questions about our solutions or updates, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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