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Document Layouts now supported in DMS & EDS by Simova

With the current release versions for DMS by Simova and EDS by Simova, Custom Document Layouts are now supported!

Using the Custom Document Layouts, different report layouts can be used for different customers or vendors. These settings are defined directly on the customer or vendor. It is also possible to specify that different document layouts are sent to different e-mail addresses.

Further information about custom report layouts on the official Microsoft site can be found here.

If you or your customers use the different Custom Document Layouts in the Business Central Standard on the master data level and want to use them in combination with DMS and/or EDS by Simova, this has now been extensively integrated into all levels of the extensions.

EDS by Simova (version and onwards) now takes into account the custom document layouts set up in the customer or vendor and sends the reports in the defined layout. In addition, it can be precisely controlled by configuration whether and to what extent e-mail addresses of the custom document layouts are used by customers and vendors when sending e-mails.

DMS by Simova (version and onwards) archives reports in the layout that is set up in the custom document layouts for the accounts payable or accounts receivable completely automatically.


Information on how to set up & configure custom report layouts in DMS & EDS by Simova:


DMS by Simova:

EDS by Simova:

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