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We offer you extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. These include areas such as document management, document provision inside and outside the company, as well as integrated computer telephony for convenient display of data from Business Central CRM.

Digitizing work processes and thus making them more transparent for everyone involved is one of the central tasks in future-oriented companies. Many companies are currently on the threshold of digitization and smart processes are the basis for entrepreneurial success in a digital world.

Use our extensions to master the challenges of the future and to gain decisive competitive advantages.

All solutions available as extensions for Business Central

All of our solutions are available both as extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and as add-ons for Dynamics NAV . Our extensions are compatible with all common NAV & Business Central versions.

Why use a Simova extension?

Our solutions support you in your daily work. We listen to our customers and, based on the requirements and suggestions, constantly develop new solutions and features that accelerate and simplify the work of our users. With us you will always find a competent contact person for your concerns.


You will be happy to receive a product presentation so that you can get a better picture of the solutions. We are also regularly represented at trade fairs and events where you can enter into a direct dialogue with us and our partners.


If you have specific questions about the individual solutions from Simova GmbH or general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All your benefits

  • Solutions integrated directly into NAV or Business Central

  • Homogeneous software landscape instead of isolated solutions

  • Acceleration of business processes

  • Quickly search and find documents

  • Simple and automatic dispatch of relevant documents to customers and suppliers

  • Connection of computer telephony to the CRM system for simultaneous customer data viewing

  • A big step towards a paperless office

  • Fast service & support

  • Solutions developed in-house - Made in Germany

Compatibility of our solutions

All our solutions are available both as extensions and FOB-based . The extensions are compatible with all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central versions and FOB-based solutions are compatible with all common NAV versions and the older Business Central versions.

Extensions are available for:


  • Business Central 14.0

  • Business Central 16.0

  • Business Central 17.0

  • Business Central 18.0

FOB-based solutions are available for:

  • NAV 2017

  • NAV 2018

  • Business Central 14.0

Microsoft continues to transform its products into the new world. This means that sooner or later most companies that use Microsoft ERP solutions will have to switch to Business Central and Extensions.


Microsoft still offers the option of using FOB-based objects for BC140. This ensures a significantly smoother transition into the new world. Development statuses from older databases can simply continue to be used in the BC FOB version without major changes. Microsoft thus creates a time window in which Business Central functionalities can already be used and during which you can prepare for a change from FOB-based objects to extensions.


Our objective

We want to accelerate our customers' workflows by implementing future-oriented solutions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


We are doing away with paper-based processes and replacing them with more efficient digital processes.


We want our customers to have more time to concentrate on value-adding processes. Administrative and organizational efforts should be reduced and minimized.


Our solutions are designed so that they can be set up and commissioned quickly and easily. Standstills are avoided and ongoing company processes are not impaired.


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We are happy to help you!

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