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Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund

the interfaces between the solutions

The connecting pieces

Connector apps are small extensions that enable Simova solutions to exchange data, documents and information with one another or with other systems. When using several Simova solutions, the connector apps are provided free of charge and set up in a standard configuration.

Connector apps for Simova products

In order to ensure the smooth exchange of data between our Simova products, we have created so-called connector apps. These are simply installed in addition to the regular extensions and regulate the distribution of information.

Standard interface to tegossuite

As a member of the tegos group, Simova attaches great importance to the connection between the solutions of the two companies. With the connector apps from enwis), the industry solution for waste management from tegos, to the Simova extensions DMS, DPS and EDS, we can ideally expand and support the enwis processes.


Standard interface to Document Capture

Document Capture by Continiais a convincing tool for the automatic processing of incoming invoices and other documents on its own. In the same step, DMS by Simova takes care of the secure storage of the documents and makes them available where they are needed.


With the DMS to DC Connector App, Simova has created a standard interface between Document Capture and DMS by Simova. If you want to accelerate and automate incoming invoice processing with the Continia solution, you no longer have to worry about connecting to a document management system. The connector app integrates itself into the document capture processes in just a few minutes and picks up the relevant documents and processes them further. The automatic archiving of the registered receipts takes place in the background without the user having to lift a finger. The associated documents are then available, for example, on the unposted purchase invoice via the DMS fact box.

Interfaces to third party software

The Simova solutions can also receive and process data, documents and information from third-party systems or pass the data on to them. For example, code units that are available from our solutions as an input type can be used for this purpose. With little effort, interfaces to systems that are not included in the standard configuration can also be created.

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